August 1, 2021

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) CPU Test

At the time, we compared graphics card efficiency utilizing different presets and concluded that the very best worth combination for 60fps/1080p efficiency was the Ryzen 5 1400 and GTX 1060. Ever since updates to the video game claim to have actually dealt with the video game ‘s bad optimization concerns consisting of a spot about four months back that enhanced CPU usage by enabling the video game to make use of 6 or more cores.

That is holding true, and we believed it would be intriguing to concentrate on CPU efficiency for this one.

For screening, we strolled through the town of Pochinki for 30 seconds, which is ample time to collect the information we require. The pass time was minimized from the typical one minute to simply 30 seconds to lessen the frequency and attempt at which we were eliminated prior to finishing a pass as this is a high loot location, so great danger but the high benefit for those looking for excellent equipment.


Up, we have the ‘extremely low ‘ quality outcomes, and visual quality settings are set to their most affordable worth, so this must eliminate the GTX 1080 Ti as the efficiency restricting element. That stated, we plainly see a GPU traffic jam with most of the 8th-gen and 7th Core processors.

Formerly, when screening with the extremely quality predetermined, the 7700K and R5 1600 provided the very same efficiency. Here the 7700K is 20% faster than the 1600X as the Ryzen CPUs seem having a hard time in contrast. Naturally, with well over 60fps at all times, the Ryzen CPUs still supplied playable efficiency; but in a video game that declares to support high core count CPUs, the outcomes are frustrating.

Shockingly, the Ryzen 7 1800X was simply 14% faster than the Ryzen 3 1200 for the typical frame rate and simply 6% faster than the 1300X. This recommends that the video game isn’t truly using the greater core count CPUs well at all and rather chooses core frequency over core count.

Increasing the visual quality settings to the medium quality pre-programmed lowers the GTX 1080 Ti ‘s efficiency by around 10% with the fastest CPUs evaluated.

The 1800X is 25% faster than the R3 1200 and 16% faster than the 1300X. The medium quality settings appear to put more load on the CPU through this wasn’t obvious when keeping track of CPU usage as the total use figure was much the very same.

Once again, the majority of the Intel CPUs have the ability to discover the limitations of the GTX 1080 Ti. It’s most likely the 8 and 12 thread designs might go much faster once again.

We have extremely quality pre-programmed outcomes, and here we see really little modification from the medium quality outcomes.

Far the outcomes appear to be rather all over the location, and that ‘s something we typically see with inadequately enhanced video games. This chart offers us a much better take a look at what ‘s going on.

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